The Feeling Of Being Nobody…

Is like Fish without the Water.. Earth without the Moon.. Day without the Night.. Night without the Day.. Light without the Darkness.. Land without the Man.. Wind without the Air.. Plant without the Flower.. Tree without the Fruit.. River without the Rain.. Sky without the Clouds.. Bird without the Flight.. Winter without the Chill.. Summer without the Heat.. Bee without the Honey, Lion without the Roar. And is as meaningless, purposeless and incomplete, these are without each other.


Published by KRrenjith

I am an individual trying to harness nature and technology to benefit each other. Spiritualist to mind, body and soul. Live life to it's extent with keeping harmony among all life forms of mother nature. With the understanding that, the major principle of life is to, "Think Humane!". As human form is the most wonderful creation of nature. Let's cherish it and spread the happiness to all forms of living beings.

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