Baby Girl…

The day you were sent from heaven to this world, was the day when even angels envied to be in a human form. So graceful were you!

Cute little eyes like the twinkling stars made me wonder, how marvelous it would be if the stars lived amongst us.

The way you gazed with those blooming eyes, made me feel something extraordinary about me. Though in reality i was mere man who din’t even exist, to the world.

Nothing in this world could hurt me at all, but how painful it was when you cried a lot.

Merrier were the moments when you laughed out loud, ah! I remember what joyful was that.

Days and Nights were just a time, but were transformed to memories with you in my arms.

Oh! How I love to see you hop, but very soon will you crawl and walk. Wish you remain the same for long, though the nature will change it all.

No matter how old you grow, to me will be same as the day you were sent from ‘Up Above’. -KRrenjith

Published by KRrenjith

I am an individual trying to harness nature and technology to benefit each other. Spiritualist to mind, body and soul. Live life to it's extent with keeping harmony among all life forms of mother nature. With the understanding that, the major principle of life is to, "Think Humane!". As human form is the most wonderful creation of nature. Let's cherish it and spread the happiness to all forms of living beings.

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