Never Give Up…

You are in the world of threats. Threat from loved ones, your family, friends and your partner too. Nobody believes in your ideas and thoughts as they are different from others and don’t have any security for life.

They want you to accept the things as it is. As they believe, that’s how all succeed in life. They see everyone is in the rat race and expect you to join them.

They say why need new when the old is still new.


But you know, “it’s not your cup of tea”.

You are yet to find One’s self. Discover who you truly are and what’s your purpose of life.

Is it money that you seek or fame of being in the limelight or is it more spiritual, of finding the inner peace.

You wouldn’t know unless you look for and thrive on it. But, hey! that’s more tricky as you don’t yet know what in reality are you looking for. As you are in the junk yard of ideas and thoughts.

Now comes the time for you to face the challenges and to find out your passion. Show the world what you are capable of, by understanding the truth of the success that…

“Not behind the glory should you go but the passion, and the glory follows”.


If you understand this fact of the life, you would see how the world considers you as the center of the universe.

Let nature soothe you…

Beware this is not going to be easy. You will have to face the wrath of mistakes done by you. That inturn will pave your way with thorns and fire. Will bleed and burn you, until you are torn apart and are forced to give up. But that’s when you say..

Mistakes you will make, but that’s not the end. Today is your day to try again!


You keep marching everyday with this attitude, then no force in this world can stop you from achieving your dream. And sooner will be the day you say, hey! I did it!


Published by KRrenjith

I am an individual trying to harness nature and technology to benefit each other. Spiritualist to mind, body and soul. Live life to it's extent with keeping harmony among all life forms of mother nature. With the understanding that, the major principle of life is to, "Think Humane!". As human form is the most wonderful creation of nature. Let's cherish it and spread the happiness to all forms of living beings.

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