What a joyful morning this is!

We wake up reminded about a long gone friend. About whom we had never thought in reality. Still that person is in our consciousness.

Wonderful it is, that we travel to past with a bit of present in it, and we cherish the good times together.

It feels so real than reality. And leaves a smile on your face as a gift of the day.



Is night, end of the day or the beginning of the thoughts of that day?

We go to bed assuming that it’s the end of the day but that’s when we start thinking about the issues and happenings of the whole day.

No matter joyful or stressful, we would want to consider it, all done for the day.

With the hopes of a new beginning the sun brings in the morning, we fall to sleep dreaming about the good things to be achieved tomorrow. -KRrenjith


We are in 21st Century, yet the idea of leading our life has become narrow. Have we forgotten what lifestyle we need? No, it is never forgotten. Rather we are forced to indulge in our busy life. And we tend to act that we have forgotten what we need in real. Seems like the world and fate is being cruel on us, by leading us away from the lifestyle that we need. We don’t want riches nor the luxury. We don’t wish fame nor publicity. Yet they fascinate us and take us away from our reality. Hope that one day we will wake up from this dream and know our reality.

Hope to find the true lifestyle