Care Or Courtesy?

You always say that you make time for your loved ones, even in your busy schedules. Yet, they do not appreciate you. But is it so?

Should you keep chattering that you did so many things for them in such busy times. Do you truly want to measure and weigh it?

Is it a charity you are doing or showing “Courtesy” towards them?
Are you doing things, expecting for any reward or out of “Care”?
Are you forgetting, what they truly expect from you?

With the primitive perceptions of
doing so many things for them, you
miss out to see what they “Need” and
rather think that you are giving them
what they “Want”. This blinds you to
see what they actually “Need”.
                          And this shows you are in the dilemma of their “Need” and “Want”.

It would rather be very easy and simple, if only you make up your mind to spare a little time to ask them, what they “Need”?

But you are very busy with your
schedules and want to do only
what you think, is that they “Want”.
        As you are full of pride and assumptions in your mind that you are doing so many things for them even in such busy times and still they are not greatful to you.
                     So, now ask your self again, Is it “Care or Courtesy”?


Published by KRrenjith

I am an individual trying to harness nature and technology to benefit each other. Spiritualist to mind, body and soul. Live life to it's extent with keeping harmony among all life forms of mother nature. With the understanding that, the major principle of life is to, "Think Humane!". As human form is the most wonderful creation of nature. Let's cherish it and spread the happiness to all forms of living beings.

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